About Us

Our commitment is to provide and explain the tools to teach you what to do and HOW to do it well. Itís about results and outcomes. Academic knowledge instructs what to do; soft skill knowledge and proficient use of these skills unlocks the mystery of HOW to do what you have to do well. Success, effectiveness and productivity are a direct result of knowledge and proficient use of soft skills.

You must have the soft skills we provide in order to implement the academic knowledge and industry skills.

Sue Mackey
Founder and Principal

Sue Mackey The Mackey Group, LLC, is a Seattle-based consulting firm recognized nationally for its work in the development and implementation of skill-based standards, hard and soft skills, and assessments for business, government, and non-profit organizations.

Sue lectures and conducts workshops on a variety of life (soft) skills and how they can lead to success at various conferences around the country, and has recently written a book Women Navigating Adversity. Sue also coauthored the book Living Well, Working Smart on the importance and use of these skills and Twelve Pillars of Success Workbook. Sue, a columnist, has written in such publications as Washington CEO Magazine, the Bellevue (Washington) Journal American, and Arizona, Los Angeles, and Washington law journals, among others for many years.
She has served on many local boards in her community, including the Boards of Advisors of Seattle University and the Albers School of Business; as a consultant to the U.S. Small Business Administration, where she developed the SBA's business-to-business mentoring program; as cochair of the "Power of One" Women's Conference; and as a member of the National Women's Advisory Forum of the United States Congress.

Laura Tonkin

Laura Tonkin The Mackey Group, LLC is where, over the past ten years she has consulted with both large and small organizations in a wide variety of industries to develop skill-based industry standards, life (soft) skills, and assessment systems and processes. Laura has spent years working with the California Department of Correctionís, Prison Industry Authorityís Inmate Employability Program. She has also coauthored several articles and has conducted workshops on both performance and soft skills. Laura is also coauthor of Living Well, Working Smart and Twelve Pillars of Success Workbook.

Considered a leading expert in the field, Laura has trained others on developing and applying skill standards, and is currently focusing on developing a series of workbooks designed to help kids learn and apply life (soft) skills to navigate life and adversity.

DeLores Pressley

DeLores Pressley is an international speaker, author and consultant. She is a leader in her specialty, business beliefs and behaviors that make the difference between success and failure. She is the founder of Born Successful Consultants, a professional and personal development company. Retired from a highly successful career as a school teacher, DeLores dedicates some of her time working with TMG on various projects, including co-authoring a new book with Sue Mackey.

Eileen Casey-White, Ph.D.

Eileen Casey-White, Ph.D. is a nationally recognized and respected authority on curriculum and workforce development. Eileen has worked on many skill and skill standard projects with TMG throughout the last ten years. Her wisdom and knowledge base have been invaluable in the construction of each project she participates in.

Rachael Ashbaugh

Rachael Ashbaugh has a master's degree in mental health counseling and is a licensed mental health counselor. Rachael has spent over a decade in the fields of mental health and child and adolescent psychology in public and private practice. Her passion and commitment has been to take programs that weren't working with children, teens, parents and families and turn them into successful best practice treatment models for those at risk. Rachael has been able to pursue her passion and fulfill her commitment through the work she does with TMG. Her wisdom gained from academia, and her hands-on knowledge and experience have contributed to what has become a world class workbook series for our young people and teachers alike.